We are more than just an ingredients supplier, we are a trusted partner that provides tailor-made solutions

As a pioneering force in the realm of lipids, fats, and oils, we provide expertise to brands across a number of industries and segments.

In our third consecutive participation at IFT FIRST, learn about our innovations in fats and oils with which we seek to become your No. 1 ally.

We’re the industry leader at the forefront of innovation to set us apart as the go-to solution provider for forward-thinking brands.

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We fuel a better tomorrow with tailored solutions for multiple categories

We craft value-driven solutions that not only meet the needs of our clients but also generate a positive impact on their consumers and the environment.







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Our suite of three Artificial Intelligence tools is designed to expedite formulation processes, enabling us to build formulations faster while maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

AI designed to uncover the intricate relationship between triglycerides and the fatty acids that constitute them with the physical characteristics of fats and oils.

A quantum computing-based system that potentially reduces errors and minimizes prediction times for new fat and oil blends.

A computer-aided design system for obtaining formulations of gelled emulsions that could mimic the functional rheological characteristics of shortenings and margarines with lower levels of saturated fats and calories.

 Sustainability is a guiding principle woven into the fabric of everything we do

Driven by our passion for progress and sustainability, we stand poised to collaborate with brands seeking to revolutionize their formulations and make a lasting difference in the world. 

We are the 2nd most sustainable food company in the USA and the 13th worldwide*

*According to S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2023 results, the basis for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Traceability to the palm origin

We monitor and verify the origin of our raw materials used in our solutions, ensuring strong procedures to mitigate potentially negative impacts on the environment.