Food Industry Trends for 2024:

Focus on Wellness, Sustainability, and Plant-Based Products

2024 is marked by a significant shift in the food industry, where brands are seeking to meet the demands of consumers concerned about their well-being and the environment. Emerging trends point towards a greater focus on promoting healthier lifestyles, consuming products that contribute to well-being, and producing food with a high level of sustainability. These factors are shaping up to be the key parameters for companies to follow this year.

Wellness-Boosting Foods

One of the main consumer trends for 2024 is the search for brands that offer products with potential wellness benefits and that address specific needs. Brands are developing products to meet these needs, such as functional foods, nutritional supplements, and foods enriched with vitamins. Brands can also focus on educating consumers about the potential of the ingredients used in their foods and the unique aspects of their products.

Moreover, considering the different regulations implemented in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, and the United States, the proposal for producers is to explore alternatives with ingredients and tailored solutions that allow for benefits in the final product, such as reducing sodium, saturated fats, and sugars, all without negatively affecting the characteristics of the final product and gaining consumer preference.

High Level of Sustainability

Sustainability also plays a key role in the food industry in 2024. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of food production and are seeking more sustainable options. Brands are responding to this demand by adopting more sustainable production practices, such as using organic and local ingredients, reducing food waste, and implementing eco-friendly packaging.

In terms of ingredients, such as palm oil, sustainable production can positively contribute to the planet, communities, and wildlife. In particular, at Alianza Team, as a leading company in food production and custom lipid solutions through its business unit Team Solutions, we are committed to understanding the origin of raw materials and how they were produced in relation to environmental, social, and economic aspects. This is a differentiating factor within the industry and for businesses where we work from the Responsible Sourcing Strategy, ensuring compliance with our global commitments and standards.

Plant-Based Products

Finally, plant-based products are gaining popularity in the food market. Consumers are seeking alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products, whether for wellness, environmental protection, or ethical reasons. In response, brands are developing a wide range of plant-based products, such as meat substitutes for burgers, dairy alternatives, and cheeses, offering optimal flavor and texture for consumers.

The food industry trends for 2024 focus on promoting optimal lifestyles, offering products that meet specific consumer needs, adopting more sustainable production practices, and developing plant-based products. These factors are shaping up to be the parameters for companies looking to succeed in the food industry this year, and to achieve this, industry companies can partner with technology development experts who understand the specific needs of each brand.


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