Innovations and trends at the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2024:

A glimpse into the new frontiers of flavor and experience

The Sweets & Snacks Expo 2024, held from May 14 to 16 in Indianapolis, Indiana, showcased the latest innovations and trends in the confectionery and snack industry. This annual event brought together leading and emerging brands, all with a common goal: to reinvent the consumer experience through innovative and appealing products. This year, the focus was on enhancing textures, freeze-dried candies, peelable fruit gummies, and liquid-filled cakes, all developed under the concept that «experience is everything».

Enhanced textures: A leading trend

One of the standout trends at this year’s Expo was innovation in textures. Companies introduced products offering a variety of sensory experiences, from crunchy and brittle to smooth and melt-in-your-mouth. These products aim not only to satisfy the palate but also to provide a unique tactile experience that enriches the act of eating. Among the most innovative products were freeze-dried candies and baked goods with melty textures, designed to offer consumers new sensations.

Freeze-dried confectionery: Innovation and nostalgia

Freeze-dried confectionery was another highlight of the event. This preservation method not only extends the shelf life of products but also creates a unique, crunchy texture that is highly appealing. Companies like Bebeto and Andersen’s Crazy Candy presented traditional treats in freeze-dried formats, such as Bebeto Crunch It Freeze Dried Crunchy Peach Gummies and Andersen’s Crazy Candy Freeze-Dried Peanut Brittle. Additionally, brands like Astro Freeze, with its space-themed products, paid homage to the history of freeze-dried foods used by astronauts, capturing consumers’ imaginations.

Peelable Fruit Gummies: Interactive fun

Peelable fruit gummies also drew attention at the event. This innovative product offers a fun and engaging experience for consumers, allowing them to peel and enjoy the gummies in an interactive way. This trend appeals not only to children but also to adults seeking a more playful and entertaining consumption experience.

Liquid-filled cakes: Delicious surprises

Liquid-filled cakes were another highlight, offering a delicious surprise with every bite. This concept has gained popularity for its ability to combine contrasting textures, creating a richer and more memorable eating experience.

The Sweets & Snacks Expo 2024 left a lasting impression on brands, as they can utilize these trends in various ways to make their products more appealing to consumers. The incorporation of innovative textures, interactive elements, and sensory experiences demonstrates that the confectionery and snack industry is constantly evolving, always seeking to surprise and delight consumers.


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