Mirror HighOleic
A Breakthrough in Vegetable
Oil Stability

Maximizing Cost Efficiency with Mirror High Oleic Technology in Commodity Oils

Say goodbye to the limitations of high oleic oils with Mirror High Oleic, the game-changing technology that transforms the way the food industry leverages vegetable oils. Our solution not only enhances the stability of oils, improving their performance and minimizing the formation of polar compounds, but it also offers several advantages, including reduced costs by utilizing lower-priced oils, cost savings on packaging due to the superior protection provided by the technology, heightened protection against oil oxidation, and a commitment to using sustainable ingredients. Our technology is based on extensive research into the oxidation me- chanisms of vegetable oils, making it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for the food industry.


Transform your fryer game with Mirror High Oleic technology! Our deep fry comparison test between high oleic sunflower oil and conventional sunflower oil fortified with Mirror High Oleic technology showed amazing results. Not only did the technology lead to a subs- tantial reduction in total polar compounds and the generation of polymeric compounds, but it was also tested on a variety of commodity oils, including sunflower, soybean, and canola, proving that the performance of high oleic oil can be achieved with multiple types of oils, With Mirror High Oleic, you can enjoy longer usage times for your oil and improved turnover rates, leading to cost savings as more batches of delicious french fries can be fried with the same amount of oil. The delayed formation of polar compounds and decreased risk of polymer formation further contribute to the enhanced performance of the oil, making Mirror High Oleic a cost-efficient and high-performing solution for your fryer needs.


Get ready for unbeatable popcorn quality with Mirror High Oleic technology! Our latest case study showcases the stability of popcorn and its impact on customer satisfaction. We put both high oleic oil and conventional sunflower oil enhanced with Mirror High Oleic technology to the test through sensory evaluation and chemical analysis. The results were clear: both oils had similar levels of oxidation and stability, proving that Mirror High Oleic effectively protects sunflower oil and provides performance equivalent to high oleic oil. Say goodbye to customer rejection due to rancid tastes or odors and enjoy perfectly fried products every time with Mirror High Oleic technology. Upgrade your popcorn game today!


We put our technology to the test to see how it would impact product shelf life and sensory parameters when applied to high oleic oils in fried snack products. Our stability test of potato chips fried with high oleic oil and high oleic oil enhanced with Mirror High Oleic technology, showed that not only did the concentration of volatile hexanal remain stable when protected with our technology, but sensory parameters were also significantly better compared to using conventional high oleic oil. This means that by using Mirror High Oleic technology, you may reduce the need for strong barrier layers in your packaging materials, and also may result in cost savings. We’re continuing to evaluate extended stability periods and different products to fully understand the full benefits of using Mirror High Oleic technology to protect high oleic oils.

Transform your food industry with Mirror High Oleic! Say goodbye to the high cost and limited supply of high oleic oils. Our innovative technology enhances the stability of vegetable oils, prolonging shelf life and reducing the formation of polar compounds. Not only does this result in better-tasting and fresher products, but it also cuts down on packaging costs. Made with GRAS ingredients, Mirror High Oleic is a safe and sustainable solution for your business. Experience cost-saving benefits and a superior performance with Mirror High Oleic technology the future of the food industry.


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Maximizing cost efficiency with Mirror High Oleic technology in commodity oils

Say goodbye to the limitations of high oleic oils with Mirror High Ole…